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Crieff Hydro Exam Candidates

News Posted on Thu, March 12, 2020 11:27:45

Crieff Hydro Examination, 26th June 2019 Results

News Posted on Thu, June 27, 2019 20:40:07

On Wednesday 26th June, Crieff Hydro Stables hosted Ride Leader examinations for eight candidates. Congratulations to all the candidates who passed their exam.
Upgrading to Senior Ride Leader, Jenny Livingstone from Achnalarig Stables in Oban.
Well done Jenny.
The following candidates passed Ride Leader:
Lyndsay Marker, Teen Ranch Scotland,
Morgan Rook, Crieff Hydro Stables,
Sarah Lewis, Highlands Unbridled,
Karen Parker, Achnalarig Stables,
Kerewin Tom, Silversands Trekking Centre,
Charlotte Gunn, Gleneagles Equestrian Centre,
Rosa Mitchell, also of Gleneagles Equestrian Centre.
Congratulations to all of you and thank you to Sarah Basford and Liz Simpson for running the examination.

Ride Leader Exam

News Posted on Thu, June 27, 2019 20:29:18

Ride Leaders have to show they are balanced and capable of jumping a small obstacle during the Ride Leader Examination

Jenny Livingstone, Senior Candidate

News Posted on Thu, June 27, 2019 20:27:52

Jenny Livingstone from Achnalrig Stables in Oban removing a shoe from the dummy horse leg.

Next Ride Leader Examinations

News Posted on Mon, June 10, 2019 15:58:52

The next Ride Leader examinations will take place at Crieff Hydro Stables on Wednesday 26th June. We are unlikely to hold another until the end of the school holidays unless members can provide suitable facilities and a minimum of four candidates.
If required, the stables will hold a training day prior to the exam which is bookable and payable direct to Crieff Hydro Stables. Please contact the yard for more details of this if you are interested.
Registrations forms should be filled out and sent to both Liz Simpson and the TRSS office at least a week before exam date. and Payment should be made in advance either by cheque or bank transfer or paid in full on the morning of the exam either by cash or cheque. Any training should be paid for in full on the day of training or an agreement made with Liz to be invoiced following the day.
Registration forms can be downloaded from the TRSS website, using the download button at the top of the page.
If interested, please contact the office for costs and further details.

Congratulations to our new Ride Leaders

News Posted on Tue, March 26, 2019 20:00:18

Four new Ride Leaders qualified following the training and exam day held at Crieff Hydro Stables. Congratulations to Tracy Sharman and Lindsay Millar who travelled down from Silver Sands at Morar, Dominique Mills who made the long journey from Highlands Unbridled up in Tain and Eilidh Hume from South Lanark on passing their examination.
Thanks to Liz Simpson who ran the training day and Sarah Basford who examined the candidates on exam day.

Date of Spring Exam Ride Leader Examinations

News Posted on Thu, March 07, 2019 10:50:33

The spring Ride Leader examination will take place on Tuesday, 26th March at Crieff Hydro Stables. An optional training day on Monday 25th March can be booked direct with the stables or through the TRSS office. Candidates interested in sitting the exam should contact the office through for further information.
Please note, a current first aid certificate should be held and if candidates do not have a riding and road safety test, they will be required to do a short module on the day.

Crieff Hydro Exam Candidates

News Posted on Fri, October 05, 2018 20:14:37

Congratulations to the following candidates who passed their examinations on Thursday 4th October.

Senior Ride Leader

Eilidh Cadden from Alvie Stables, Annika Keppie from Argyll Adventure and Mandy Lenz from Highland Horse Fun.

Ride Leader

Ciara Harding from Argyll Adventure and Laura Farragher also from Argyll Adventure.

In addition, Laura Bell from Wilder Ways passed her Trek leader in the morning and when she completes her theory, will be awarded a Ride Leader certificate.

Thank you to Liz Simpson and Sarah Basford for examining on the day and well done to all of you.

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